Joy Abbey

Spiritual Retreats on Whidbey Island

Welcome! Joy Abbey is a life-long journeyer, teacher of world languages and truth, global traveler, religious science practitioner, and designer of ancient healing stone jewelry.
Joy has been designing exquisite spaces for comfort and beauty as she integrates nature into her simple, serene interiors.

Explore the wonder of Whidbey Island's Sunlight Beach (shown in Joy's photo above) in retreat accomodations at Sunlight Seascape. Explore French style cuisine and French history from a woman's perspective. Become a modern mystic through the study of the twelve lessons of Emma Curtis Hopkins. Wear your prayers through Joy's varied styles and Emma's healing gems, including rubies, emeralds, aquamarine and more.

Her joy is to help re-introduce you to the resources already within you to lead a happier life. Joy Abbey is available to guide you through the use of spiritual counseling, healing ancient stone jewelry, retreats designed to reveal the divine feminine, and French journeys.